Jule 12, 2019

What are these snow Bengals like?! For me, so the most unusual in this breed! They're like a riddle given to us by nature - guess what I'll be like when I grow up?!

When I had the first snow pointvue kittens, and it was my first litter and, accordingly, no experience, I was not! My first thought was - MY CAT gave BIRTH to a MOUSE! Because there is no genetics could not anticipate and to suggest - cat-Mom was a Golden marble in color, while cat-daddy - Golden spotted (write the colors simplistic, it was clear to everyone). And who would have thought that this couple, already in somewhere in the 8th generation were snow ancestors and so they decided to meet and surprise the novice breeder Bengals - that is me!

And since we are no longer born of snow and I really missed them! They are unusual and interesting. If Bengals are usually compared to a leopard, snow Bengals are, of course, snow Leopards. And only point snow Bengals can be with EYES of BLUE color of various shades.

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