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23 марта 2019

Имя кота: Amazongold Norman (Дракоша)

Для начала, хотелось бы поблагодарить Надежду за все!

Надюша, спасибо за Кота, за советы и ответы на все дурацкие вопросы. Спасибо, что вы всегда на связи и никогда не отказываете в совете!

Начну с того, что кота мы поехали выбирать на выставку кошек. У мужа всегда была аллергия, и не каждый зверь ему подходит. Сын к котикам был равнодушен, поэтому инициатором была я.


Бенгалы поразили с первого взгляда, хотя думали смотреть мейнкунов или ориенталов. После того как увидели бенгалов - остальные породы отпали сами собой. Настолько котята этой породы интересные, живые и активные! Поразительно! Муж брал котят бенгалов на руки и смотрел на реакцию - есть ли аллергия. На бенгалов не было.

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News 2017

I want to brag of victories of our beauty AMAZONGOLD-Russian BEAUTY-4 times our five-month-old girl became top-1 kittens, the best kitten of the exhibition.

Thanks to the experts-Tomoko Vlach, Andreas Kretschmer-Krycek, Vlade Benine, Jane Allen, Phillips, Phillips Holmes, Jean-Marc Lagarde, Stephen Corneille, Aline Noel Garel - for the high rating!

Thanks to all the organizers of the exhibitions for the excellent organization and hospitality - Anna Legese, Olga Murashko, Angela Shikova and your friendly club team.

Jetcat Exhibition (Saint-Petersburg), The Lord Of The Cats (Togliatti), Maskamania Magyars (Hungary), Crystal Cat (Moscow. All exhibitions are filled with emotions from meetings with beautiful people and friends, exciting moments of judging and the final. We will show our animals for many years, but every time - like the first time!

Thanks to all friends for support!

News of 2016

11-12 June 2016

TICA show - Moscow

Started a new exhibition season 2016-2017.

On this day I especially want to thank the owners of the graduate of our cattery Amazingand max – Catherine and Eugene. In your busy work schedule they found the time and took part in cats show in the neuters class. In love and bliss, home to many offsprings of my cattery, but few dare to bring your pet from home. And so it happened. Guys - thank You very much!

Max showed excellent results - 10 finals out of 12, having closed a title of QUAD GRAND CHAMPION in the class of neuters. 2 BEST NEUTER IN SHOW (2 BEST ALTERS OF SHOW). I'm not even going to describe what Max is good – this is clearly seen in the photos.

3-4 of March 2016

Catsburg-2016, Moscow, Russia

CATSBURG 2016 - really fabulous, a great event for animal lovers and professionals from breeding! On one site, professional all breed rings and examination systems: CFA, FIFe, WCF, TICA, ACS with great experts!

This year our cattery is TICA was represented by a young cat Amazongold Zabava, which became 5 times best of breed and 4 times 2nd best of breed, got to 2 finals and saryu the title champion TICA.

show2016 03 03 1 show2016 03 03 2

The ASC system, our catterywas represented by IW SGC Amazongold Cameron – who became the best adult cat on the ASC system – Best of Best and was nominated to represent the given exhibition system on the shared stage of the exhibition among the best of adult animals from each exhibition systems.

And, IW SGC Amazongold Cameron and won Catsburg -2016, became the best adult cat of almost 1000 cats, exhibited at WCF, TICA, CFA, FIFE and ASC!

This victory is not accidental, because IW SGC Amazongold Cameron is the son of a citizen of Catsburg-2014 RW SGC Amazongold Antonio. And he successfully continued the family line of Winners!

A huge thank you to the organizers and sponsors of Catsburg for the wonderful show, my friends who supported us and to the jury who voted for us! We are happy!

show2016 03 03 4 show2016 03 03 3

show2016 03 03 5 show2016 03 03 6 show2016 03 03 7

Video from Catsburg-2016

3-4 of March 2016

Cats show TICA Serbia, Belgrade

In these busy weekend days, we with our graduate Amazongold Grammy took part at the TICA show in Belgrade. Grammy was in a very serious competition from gorgeous cat from Poland and several cats from Serbia. But the girl did not disappoint our nursery and decently showed. From Grammy 5 finals, and she closed the title TRIPLE GRAND CHAMPION.

show2016 03 03 8 show2016 03 03 9 show2016 03 03 10

30-31 January 2016

Cats Show TICA+CFA+WCF Italy, Milan

We with our Gere went to the dual show TICA+CFA+WCF in Italy in Milan, where he met our friends and where our offsprings are living!

Italy greeted us with gorgeous, really Sunny spring weather with blooming trees and cyclamen.

TICA-show was 79 adult animals, including 18 Bengal in a beautiful contemporary style. Our main objective of this exhibition was the title of Supreme Grand champion - the highest title of Teak. And what do You think? AMAZONGOLD GERE - the Congress boys in the ring at Kurt Vlach at the age of 9 months closed the title SUPRIME GRAND CHAMPION! In total we have 7 finals: 6AB, 4AB, 3AB, 8AB, 9AB, 6AB.

Very proud of this victory, it 8 a Bengal cat in our cattery closed this high title and the SECOND son of our IW SGC AMAZONGOLD CAMERON - Best Bengal in the World last season!

show 2016 01 30 1 show 2016 01 30 3 show 2016 01 30 2

09-10 of January 2016

TICA-show, Russia

Our boy Amazongold Gere was first shown at the cats show in the adult class, he was 8 months. Gere has not let us down in 11 rings – Best of breed 8 finals from 12, the Best cat in the Congress among boys 28 cats of various breeds. Amazongold Gere has closed a title of Quad Grand champion (QGC - TICA).

09-10 of January, 2016. Petropavlovsk, Kazahstan

WCF cats show

The cat of our breeding Amazongold Erimey at the WCF show has closed the higher title of WORLD CHAMPION! My congratulations and gratitude to the owner of the cat Tatiana Smirnova!!!!

News of 2015

30 October-01 November 2015 Nederland

Safari-show 2015

At the Safari cats show 2015 – this is a great show Bengal cats. This show gathers the strongest of the breed, and every self-respecting nursery should at least once visit this exhibition. Our nursery is the second time presented their animals at such an event. Going about 100 Bengals. In 2015 the exhibition was held in Holland!

From our cattery we brought IW SGC AMAZONGOLD Cameron (age 1 year 8 mo.) AMAZONGOLD and Gad (age 5 months). Also the owners are from Holland of our kitties from Cameron and Delilah showed off her beautiful Julianna Amazongold from Galensis.


07-08 of March, 2015 Moscow

Exhibition Catsburg - 2015 - TICA system

Our cat SGC Amazongold Cameron did not disappoint our expectations and perfectly made: 6 finals from 8 - 1,1,2,3,3,4 places - tor-4 (m 96-76 animals).

Our baby Amazongold Erimey first appeared on his first, but still in such a Grand exhibition on system TICA and FIFE.

On system TICA 4 finals 8 (3,3,7,7) in FIFE - best Junior Bengal and Nom of Best.

Congratulations to Tatiana Smirnova, owner of the White with a well-deserved victory on such a huge show!


07-08 March 2015 Ekaterinburg

Amazongold Elai was first shown at WCF-show and immediately captivated the experts Daniel Counasse (Belgium) and Bochkarev his Svetlana (Russia). Elai started his show career very enchanting: 2 - CACJ, Nom Bis, Monobreed Show of Bengal — Best Junior, Best Of Breed, 10th Place In Wcf Ring of Young Animals.

I Sincerely Congratulate The Owner — Javoronkova Natalia — Well Done!!!