bengal cat AmazonGold Cameron

So we got the much-awaited long-awaited DIPLOMA and the title of Outstanding Sire AMAZONGOLD CAMERON.

For the first time in Russia Bengal cat has earned such a high title, and around the World Bengal cats with such a title can be counted on the fingers. Outwardly, this diploma is unattractive, but behind it is the great work of the breeder and the owners of our graduates. All I want to say a huge thank you for believing in me, I chose my kennel when choosing their Pets, believe in their strength and took the time to show their Pets at various exhibitions. I can't say it was easy! Behind this diploma - there are bright victories and incredibly strong emotions, excitement and even tears of joy!

Especially a huge thank you to the owners of the eunuchs, i.e., Bengal kittens and cats purchased for the home. Victory at the exhibitions of the seals I most valuable! I am very proud of the graduates of my cattery-this is the highest evaluation of the cattery Bengal amazongold!
Diploma names 10 children Amazingand Cameron, but actually they have 12 ! Just think of 12 Bengali children with the highest titles from the Grand Champion and above! I'm sure there'll be more soon!

Diploma Outstanding  Sire Amazongold Cameron

Born: 23.02.2013

Parents: Elisor Ringo Star of Amazongold & Mainstreet June Bug of Amazongold

01-02 March — Moscow — FIFE — CATSBURG 2014 - MORE than 1,000 CATS

Antonio was first made in FIFE - literally conquered all experts!!! After two days the best representative of FIFE - Best of Best and was nominated for presentation in the adult class on the stage of the top 12 animals of 4 exhibition systems, selected among the 1000 animals.

Amazongold Antonio — the best representative among adult animals and the winner of the exhibition catsburg 2014!


Amazingand Antonio we have left in our cattery Amazongold. It's unusually bright, colorfully painted boy charmed us. And so we showed it at the first TICA show. Antonio showed among 7 kittens and two of the rings was the best Bengal kitten and been to the finals and two rings as the second best kitten.

6-7 July - Moscow city - TICA

1 day exhibition - Monika Dany (AB) - 4th place in the final, Artem Savin (SP) - 4th place in the final

2nd day of the exhibition - Monika Dany (AB) - 1st place in the final, Artem Savin (SP) - 3mesto in the final

Born: 23.04.2013

Parents: CH Mainstrett Tatti of Amazongold & RW SGC Koppiekatz Caezar of Amazongold

05-07 January — Tyumen — WCF

Vermouth played in Junior class and won all the judges! All days — 1st place in the rock and immediately closed the title JUNIOR CHAMPION. In the Ring WCF — 8 and 1 place among 32 young animals. Three times nominated for BEST in show, but the owner brought our handsome on
Best only January 7, and Vermouth became best of best Junior

Born: 23.02.2013

Parents: Mainstrett June Buge of Amazongold & Elysor Ringo Star of Amazongold

14-15 December — Moscow city — TICK

In this exhibition, Antonio 4 times became the best in its color and in the rock and went to 6 finals: 8,6,5,7,7,8 space and has closed a title of QUAD GRAND CHAMPION

Born: 02.09.2011

Parents: CH Mainstrett Tatti of Amazongold & RW SGC Mainstreet Happy of Amazongold

I always rejoice when cats of my breeding show at exhibitions, but for the cat I'm glad doubly. Thanks to the co-owner of the Monarch - Elvira that she made this gorgeous cat on the show. The monarch has already turned 2 years and he first came to the exhibition and conquered all the experts and the audience! Now AMAZONGOLD MONARH — CHAMPION WCF.

14-15 December — Kazan — WCF


Born: 23.08.2013

Parents: CH Mainstrett Tatti of Amazongold & RW SGC Koppiekatz Caesar of Amazongold

14-15 September — Kazan — WCF

In this exhibition, Cerutti has closed a title champion WCF (CAC - judge T. golanska and the CAC — judge E. Gudkova)

2nd day of the exhibition — BEST OPP sex sh

Born: 16.10.2012

Parents: Amazongold Maximus & Amazongold Valensia

25-26 August — Yaroslavl — WCF

1 day of the show: specialty show Bengal cats Best male & Best of Breed judge Anna Rudakova CAC, nom bis 5th place of WCF - ring adults

2 day of the show: 1st place WCF - ring adult expert Elena Fedorenko, CAC, nom bis Bst of Best the 2nd day

Born: 23.02.2013

Parents: Mainstrett June Bug of Amazongold & Elysor Ringo Star of Amazongold

05-07 January — Tyumen — WCF

Gorgeous ivory brilliant Arnold has shown all 3 days at the exhibition in tumane! In the rings of the WCF in the adult class he took the 1,2 and 3 places (among 38 animals) within 3 days from the experts Mackowski E. I. Gusev and O. Rogachev-Kusaka respectively. All three days Arnoldo was best of breed and became BEST CAT of the SHOW!!!!! BEST OF BEST

20-21 July - the city of Tyumen - WCF

1 day exhibition - Arnoldo was the BEST IN the RING of young animals among 45 WCF ring kittens and juniors - judge Eleonora Ruggiero

1 and 2 the exhibition - 1st place in the ring of Bengal and NOM BEST judges Mineev Artem (Russia), Eleonora Ruggiero (Italy)

Born: 15.10.2013г

amazongold-victoriaParents: Amazongold Maximus & Amazongold Valensia

Amazingand Victoria started her show career as soon as she turned 4 months. — I as the Breeder put her up for the TICA show in Moscow and the girl showed herself perfectly and was noticed by experts from Europe and America (1st and 2nd places in the ring of kittens and outputs in the finals).

At the exhibition in Smolensk Victoria showed her loving owners Natalia and Michael. Victoria is the only pet in their family and they are very serious about the purchase of a kitten and really wanted a kitty just shows class. And Victoria (the Victory) they did not disappoint, all the experts stressed the magnificent wild type cats, contrasting color and beautiful pattern. And on July 27, 2013. Victoria closed its third CACJ and received the title of CHAMPION.

July 6-7 - the city of Smolensk - WCF

1 day exhibition 2 PLACE IN RING young animal ring WCF

1 day of show — 1st place in the ring of the Bengals and BEST OP.SEX JUNIOR — judge S. Ponomareva

2nd day of the exhibition — 1st place in the ring of the Bengals and BEST JUNIOR — judge N. Belova (Russia)

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