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бенгальские кошки

DoB November 27, 2018

I admire her! Starting with a light sandy background with a contrasting rosette to a gorgeous muzzle with a wild expression with large pads and a wide heavy chin! But what is especially penetrates into my soul - it's huge eyes, like a real wild night cat.

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russian beauty

DOB: June 12, 2017

This cat won me over as soon as she was born. First, pushing all her brothers and sisters, she stuck to her mother's nipple. To be around the first – that was her motto since birth! This "red-haired" beauty we call home "Spring or "Freckle". Love this cat! And she gives me her sincere cat love! She feels comfortable anywhere. The main thing is that your "mom", that is. And of course, I could not resist the temptation to show it at exhibitions around the world. And our Spring did not disappoint my expectations. AMAZONGOLD RUSSIAN BEAUTY-my baby, from the look at which my heart freezes. In her embodiment of grace and incredible nodevice power and elegance combined with excellent type. AMAZONGOLD-RUSSIAN BEAUTY - 4 exhibitions in a row (4 times), my girl became the top-1 kittens (BEST KITTEN of the EXHIBITION).

Russian Beauty was shown at exhibitions in Europe and America, where she was able to meet one ring with the best kittens in the World and was able to evaluate the best experts of the TIKA system. In the season 2017-18gg on this system showed more than 320 Bengal kittens.

And AMAZONGOLD-RUSSIAN BEAUTY was the BEST BENGAL kitten IN the WORLD, and twice received the title of Regional Winner in the adult class and the class of kittens!

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DOB: Augest 08, 2017mata hari

PK-def — N/N, Pra-b-NN

Batifoleurs Mata Hari of Amazongold, she is A snow cat, the first mink cat of our cattery, the founder of a new direction of work of the cattery Amazongold with snow Bengals. Many thanks to Irene van Belzen for our star. When I look at this cat, my heart stops – pay attention to its wild type. Snow is like a wild snow leopard in miniature with an ideal sociable character.

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DOB: 23.02.2010

PK-def — N/N, HCM— Normal (15.12.2015)

Sire: SGC Brockenmoor Lord Jungle

Dam: Ashanti Daphne Of Amazongold

Breeder: Nadejda Kokorina

Owner: Nadejda Kokorina

1 Place The Girls Congress — Exhibition In Belarus

3rd Place Best Of Best Exhibition In Finland

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kameyaDOB: 25.08.2014

PK-def — N/N, HCM— Normal 05.09.2015

Amazingand Kameya took part at a cat show in Bulgaria and became the Second Best adult cat of the show. Then Kameya took part  on one of the largest exhibitions of Russia – just over 90 adult cats and she's  becoming the Best Bengal cat at show:  went to several finals, became the Best in two finals among 95 animals and close the highest TICA title of SUPREME.

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бенгальская кошка Москва

DoB: April 15, 2018

Pra-b – nn, PK-def - nn

A real beauty! I love her big long muscular body, excellent straight profile and yield on his forehead, lush music and big eyes!

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DOB: October 09, 2016

PK-def — N/N, PRA-b - NN

Aphrodite - this a cat impossible was give, even in the most loving hands. This baby was born in our nursery and it combines an unusually beautiful pattern of large spots and a great type. The girl has a muscular body, an excellent head with a straight profile, a heavy chin and an average size of ears with an excellent postav. We showed it only once at the exhibition, but at one of the biggest. And the girl became the 2nd best kitten of the exhibition, losing only a few points to the brutal Siberian cat. This was an excellent indicator of our work with the breed. (unfortunately, we did not take a photo of Aphrodite at an older age, but we will try to correct our mistake).

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elisavetaDOB: 12.12.2013

Lisa is very smart cat. She has a great strong body, she is a very large cat with a well muscled heavy body with excellent head, straight profile, chin heavy and huge green eyes.

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dalilaDOB: 01.09.2013

НСМ - normal (25.02.2015)

Sire: RW SGC Koppiekatz Caesar Of Amazongold

Dam: Mainstreet June Bug Of Amazongold

Breeder: Nadejda Kokorina

Owner: Nadejda Kokorina

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infinity 0DOB: 28.04.2015

HCM -normal (25.02.2016), PK-def - NN

This beautiful girl came to us from a friendly cattery with us Serious. Infinity is our granddaughter from father AMAZONGOLD Allen Delon. Thanks to Olga for our beauty.

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DOB: February 20, 2015

PK-def — N/N

From the huge emerald eyes of Julianne's impossible to tear my gaze away. When you only see it-the first thing that comes to your mind-these are the eyes!!!! Julianne-bright, beautiful green-eyed Bengal cat. This kitty-not the largest cat in our cattery, but at the same time manages to bear 5-6 kittens and perfectly to feed them. Julianna have very beautiful color and clean background, good head with a slightly smoother profile, with excellent filled with music and middle ears.

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DOB: 01.10.2012

Sire: RW SGC Koppiekatz Caesar Of Amazongold

Dam: RW SGC Bagira Bigmarshal Of Amazongold

Breeder: Nadejda Kokorina

Owner: Nadejda Kokorina

3-rd Best Kitten of Odessa, Ukraine, 09-10 March 2013

Best Of Best Kitten - Novosibirsk, 06-07 April 2013

2-rd Best Kitten - Minsk, Belarus April 13-14, 2013.

2-rd Best Kitten - Ekaterinburg, April 29-30, 2013.

9th best Bengal kitten in the world, TICA 2012-2013

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