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Best Bengal kitten at the exhibition Safari-2014 - Top-2 (Belgium)

Best Cat at the exhibition in Helsinki 08-09.11.2014 (TICA)

2 Best Kitten of the exhibition in Brussels 11-12.10.2014 (TICA)

Best Kitten Of The Exhibition In Minsk, 13-14.09.2014 (TICA)

2 Best Kitten at the show In Moscow 21-22.07.2014 (TICA)

Best Kitten of the exhibition In Moscow 31.06-01.07.2014 (WCF)

bengal catBorn: 20.02.2014 Года

Sire: Rw Sgc Amazongold Antonio

Dam: Amazongold Gloria

Breeder: Nadejda Kokorina

Owner: Nadejda Kokorina

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бенгальские котыDoB: March 03, 2018 г.

PRA-b - nn, PK-def - nn

Cat Faraon-show Amazongold Ferrari Dream, and in the world just Fedor is a graduate of two friendly nurseries Faraon-Show & Amazongold.

It's incredibly powerful, large (weight 8 kg) breed a cat with kind, gentle nature. He reminds me of the cartoon character "cat Leopold" - the same intelligent and courteous cat, always in a good mood. Fedenka manages to find a common language with everyone, be it an adult, a child or a small animal, and it seems to me even fish in his friends. More details You can get acquainted with him on his page, as well as in the show results. Ferrariпокорял incredible exhibition of two exhibition systems: Tsai WCF, and have earned them the highest titles: REGIONAL WINNER, SUPRIME GRAND CHAMPION TICA, WCF DOUBLE MASTER, CHAMPION WORLD, BEST ADULT BENGAL

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бенгальский кот

DOB: October 04, 2016

PK-def - NN

НСМ- Normal

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johan 9Born: March 01, 2018

This "looks wild" handsome man came to us from famous cattery BATIFOLEURS, from one of the best breeders of Bengal cats and great international expert Irene Van Belzen. Looking at him I am delighted with his true wild type, he has an incredible grace of the wild ancestor of the Bengals-ALK and the gentle nature of the true Bengal!

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