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LA, OS, SGC Amazongold Сameron

Best Bengal kitten at the exhibition Safari-2014 - Top-2 (Belgium)

Best Cat at the exhibition in Helsinki 08-09.11.2014 (TICA)

2 Best Kitten of the exhibition in Brussels 11-12.10.2014 (TICA)

Best Kitten Of The Exhibition In Minsk, 13-14.09.2014 (TICA)

2 Best Kitten at the show In Moscow 21-22.07.2014 (TICA)

Best Kitten of the exhibition In Moscow 31.06-01.07.2014 (WCF)

cameronBorn: 20.02.2014 Года

Sire: Rw Sgc Amazongold Antonio

Dam: Amazongold Gloria

Breeder: Nadejda Kokorina

Owner: Nadejda Kokorina

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Koppiekatz Elvis of Amazongold

бенгальский кот

DOB: October 04, 2016

PK-def - NN

НСМ- Normal

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Batifoleurs Johan De Witt of Amazongold

бенгальский кот Batifoleurs Johan De Witt of AmazongoldBorn: March 01, 2018

This "looks wild" handsome man came to us from famous cattery BATIFOLEURS, from one of the best breeders of Bengal cats and great international expert Irene Van Belzen. Looking at him I am delighted with his true wild type, he has an incredible grace of the wild ancestor of the Bengals-ALK and the gentle nature of the true Bengal!

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