We have been waiting for snow Bengal kittens for a very long time and now, finally, they have been born!

Happy parents: Bengabelle Marshmallow of Amazongold & QGC Amazongold Eclair

Amazongold Grigga 🐻‍❄️ - available

Amazongold Polar Star 🐻‍❄️

We have available bengal kittens for you.

Bengal female AmazonGold Elozabeth

Bengal male AmazonGold Black Jack

Bengal kittens Amazongold Saffron & Amazongold Sunflower (2 males)

Banegal kitten Amazongold Sunflower

Bengal female AmazonGold Lada

Bengal male AmazonGold Largus

Bengal male AmazonGold Boatswain

Bengal female AmazonGold Samba

Bengal female AmazonGold Esmy

Any questions? Write to us!