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Bengal Kittens. DOB 13.07.2017

LA, SGC Amazongold Cameron
RW SGC Bagira Bigmarshal of Amazongold
cameron bagira


AMAZONGOLD CHAIN WITH 3 TO 4 MONTHS MANAGED to VISIT 4 LARGE CATS SHOW IN RUSSIA, which was the best Bengal kitten, closed 4 x CACP, 4 times, NOM BIS, BEST OPP SEX, participated in WCF ring among the 30 kittens of different breeds and was ranked in the top 10 kittens.

ALSO managed to visit the MAIN EVENT FOR ALL BUNGALOWED ACROSS EUROPE SAFARIS 2017. On SAFARI ON 3 MONOPEDIGREE RINGS WAS 37 BENGAL KITTENS. SUVOROV - 2 FINALS - 7th at Steven Meserve & 6th from Aline Noel. 7th best Bengal kitten . And don't forget that the kid got on this show in my birthday in exactly 4 months. A worthy son of his father and mother LA, SGC AMAZONGOLD CAMERON & RW SGC AMAZONGOLD BIGMARSHAL OF BAGIRA.

So this baby we are looking for special owners, ready to continue his show career.

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Bengal kittens. DOB 12.07.2017


RW GRC Amazongold Simba
Guru Serena of Amazongold
simba 1 serana 1


Bengal female