Show-results Amazongold Cameron

Oktober 30- November 01 2015, Safari-show 2015

At the Safari cats show 2015 – this is a great show Bengal cats. This show gathers the strongest of the breed, and every self-respecting nursery should at least once visit this exhibition. Our nursery is the second time presented their animals at such an event. Going about 100 Bengals. In 2015 the exhibition was held in Holland!

My cats were shown the best representatives of the cattery from Italy – Brownsugar - Chiara Lombardi, from Holland and France kennels Batofoleus and Moulinrouge, a well-known international judge Irene van Belzen chose Siam and Stephen Corneille, nursery Bennvoyagee – Ivonne van Dreumel and many other well-known catteries. Only in the adult class was represented by 36 cats, 25 of them in a classic colour (brown black spotted tabby) kitten and 34 aged 4 to 8 months. In the eyes of the "rippled"! How to cope experts – I can't imagine that they had a huge job! Except the Bengals of course were present at the show and other breed – only about 100 adult cats. And don't forget that the final is a top 10 animal.

IW SGC AMAZONGOLD Cameron once again showed that at this age he can give odds to young animals is the second best Bengal of the exhibition on the final results: 6, 1, 3, 3, 7 places in the finals and 5, 2 and 1 places in the finals at the Congress of Bengal, becoming the best BENGAL cat – boy among all BENGALS

Catsburg 2015 — March 7-8, 2015

show-catsburg-1 show-catsburg-2

Best Of Breed Cat (9 finals from 10) 29-30.11.2014 — Bourges (France)
Best Cat (Top-1) 08-09.11.2014 — Helsinki (Finland)


13-14.09.2014 — Minsk (Belarus) TICA-show

Best Kitten (top-1)

Nadezhda Pilatova (Russia) — 1ab, 1ab, Pascale Portalas (France)-1ab,2ab, Elaine Hawksworth-weitz (USA)-1ab,1ab, Brigitte Berthelon (France)-1ab, 3ab, Artem Savin (Russia)- 4ab, 7ab

06-07.09.2014 Brussels (Belgium) ТICA-SHOW SAFARI -2014

32 Bengal kitten from Belgium, Italy, France, Austria, etc.



Edith-Mary Smith (USA) — 1ab, 1ab, Delsa Rudge (USA)-1sp,2sp, Harley Devilbiss (USA)-5ab,7ab, Jean Marc Lagerde — (France)-7ab, Kurt Vlach (Austria)- 6ab

21-22.07.2014 - Moscow (Russia) ТICA-SHOW


Alexey Shcukin (Russia) — 4ab, 6ab, 3ab, Kurt Vlach (Austria)-1ab,2ab, 2ab, Tomoko Vlach (Japan)-1ab,2ab, 2ab, Vlada Beninya — (Russia)-7ab

07-08.06.2014 - Moscow (Russia) WCF-SHOW


BEST OF BREED (special bengal show)