Show-results Faraon-Show Amazongold Ferrari Dream

March 2-3, 2019

Oh, a miracle - it happened - for the first time my watch said that I had fulfilled the daily norm of Jogging! Only they forgot to say that it was a race with obstacles and an additional weight of 8 pounds - in the form of Faraon-Show Amazongold Ferrari or just Fedi! Thanks to my daughters, for their invaluable help, otherwise I would do legs from the show has not made and would fulfill his weekly quota of sports training! Great show, great organization and friendly atmosphere! CATSBURG - 2019IIit's amazing

Our results are 8 finals out of 10! Thank you for your high marks to experiments: Steven Corneille, Vlada Benina, Jim Armel, Donna Armel!

January 5-6, 2019

- Well, what can I tell You about the exhibition?! Not so bad! No need to go - worn on the hands! So everything you eat stays with you! Massage - do! And, even if so in the eyes of the expert with a longing look - even in the final take!!

So: our Fedenka went to a TICA show January 5-6 entered in 12 finals from (15) with very good results! Faraon-Show Amazongold Ferrari Dream - 2, 1, 4, 2, 2, 2, 2, 1, 2, 2 AB, 3, 1 SP.