Born: 23.02.2013

Parents: Mainstrett June Bug of Amazongold & Elysor Ringo Star of Amazongold

05-07 January — Tyumen — WCF

Gorgeous ivory brilliant Arnold has shown all 3 days at the exhibition in tumane! In the rings of the WCF in the adult class he took the 1,2 and 3 places (among 38 animals) within 3 days from the experts Mackowski E. I. Gusev and O. Rogachev-Kusaka respectively. All three days Arnoldo was best of breed and became BEST CAT of the SHOW!!!!! BEST OF BEST

20-21 July - the city of Tyumen - WCF

1 day exhibition - Arnoldo was the BEST IN the RING of young animals among 45 WCF ring kittens and juniors - judge Eleonora Ruggiero

1 and 2 the exhibition - 1st place in the ring of Bengal and NOM BEST judges Mineev Artem (Russia), Eleonora Ruggiero (Italy)

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