Born: 15.10.2013г

amazongold-victoriaParents: Amazongold Maximus & Amazongold Valensia

Amazingand Victoria started her show career as soon as she turned 4 months. — I as the Breeder put her up for the TICA show in Moscow and the girl showed herself perfectly and was noticed by experts from Europe and America (1st and 2nd places in the ring of kittens and outputs in the finals).

At the exhibition in Smolensk Victoria showed her loving owners Natalia and Michael. Victoria is the only pet in their family and they are very serious about the purchase of a kitten and really wanted a kitty just shows class. And Victoria (the Victory) they did not disappoint, all the experts stressed the magnificent wild type cats, contrasting color and beautiful pattern. And on July 27, 2013. Victoria closed its third CACJ and received the title of CHAMPION.

July 6-7 - the city of Smolensk - WCF

1 day exhibition 2 PLACE IN RING young animal ring WCF

1 day of show — 1st place in the ring of the Bengals and BEST OP.SEX JUNIOR — judge S. Ponomareva

2nd day of the exhibition — 1st place in the ring of the Bengals and BEST JUNIOR — judge N. Belova (Russia)

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