bengal cat AmazonGold Cameron

So we got the much-awaited long-awaited DIPLOMA and the title of Outstanding Sire AMAZONGOLD CAMERON.

For the first time in Russia Bengal cat has earned such a high title, and around the World Bengal cats with such a title can be counted on the fingers. Outwardly, this diploma is unattractive, but behind it is the great work of the breeder and the owners of our graduates. All I want to say a huge thank you for believing in me, I chose my kennel when choosing their Pets, believe in their strength and took the time to show their Pets at various exhibitions. I can't say it was easy! Behind this diploma - there are bright victories and incredibly strong emotions, excitement and even tears of joy!

Especially a huge thank you to the owners of the eunuchs, i.e., Bengal kittens and cats purchased for the home. Victory at the exhibitions of the seals I most valuable! I am very proud of the graduates of my cattery-this is the highest evaluation of the cattery Bengal amazongold!
Diploma names 10 children Amazingand Cameron, but actually they have 12 ! Just think of 12 Bengali children with the highest titles from the Grand Champion and above! I'm sure there'll be more soon!

Diploma Outstanding  Sire Amazongold Cameron

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