April 20-21, 2019

Weekend - failed! Definitely!! Participation in the WCF cats show in Astana brought a huge success! Faraon-Show Amazongold Ferrari Dream - Best of Best two exhibition days, General two days, 1 FShow male, 2 - Ring WCF, 1-Fshow SH, 2 - FShow Tabby, 1 - Ring WCF. Thanks to the experts : Evgeny Mechkovsky, Anneliese Hackmann and Anna Rudakova for the high marks of our Bengals!

April 13-14, 2019

On April 13-14 we visited an unforgettable stunning show dedicated to Her Majesty the Cat! And of course we brought to show our Bengals! But I will begin to "brag" about the incredible success of our youngest graduate - Amazongold Vesta, who just turned 4 months old, who came to her first exhibition and immediately won the hearts of experts!

So our results: 1 day - Best in Breed, 1/37 - ring WCF Junior, Best of Best kitten; 2 day: Best Variety, Best Bengal (show), 1 /40 - ring SH, 3/37 - Best WCF ring Juniors, Best of Best kitten. Many thanks to the judges for a high estimation of my work in the nursery! Because Amazongold Vesta - the younger generation and little pride of his mother ) that is me). Special thanks I want to say to Anna Rudakova for the discovery for me of Penza, for your hospitality in this wonderful city on one of the best shows of our vast country! I haven't seen a show this big in a long time!

Faraon-Show Amazongold Ferrari Dream - At the cats show in Penza: 1/52 - WCF cats show , the best adult Bengal, 4/36 - fun show, the best of the best IV, the ring 7/47, the Best of the Best!

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