30-31 January 2016

Cats Show TICA+CFA+WCF Italy, Milan

We with our Gere went to the dual show TICA+CFA+WCF in Italy in Milan, where he met our friends and where our offsprings are living!

Italy greeted us with gorgeous, really Sunny spring weather with blooming trees and cyclamen.

TICA-show was 79 adult animals, including 18 Bengal in a beautiful contemporary style. Our main objective of this exhibition was the title of Supreme Grand champion - the highest title of Teak. And what do You think? AMAZONGOLD GERE - the Congress boys in the ring at Kurt Vlach at the age of 9 months closed the title SUPRIME GRAND CHAMPION! In total we have 7 finals: 6AB, 4AB, 3AB, 8AB, 9AB, 6AB.

Very proud of this victory, it 8 a Bengal cat in our cattery closed this high title and the SECOND son of our IW SGC AMAZONGOLD CAMERON - Best Bengal in the World last season!

show 2016 01 30 1 show 2016 01 30 3 show 2016 01 30 2

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