Exhibition Catsburg - 2015 - TICA system

Our cat SGC Amazongold Cameron did not disappoint our expectations and perfectly made: 6 finals from 8 - 1,1,2,3,3,4 places - tor-4 (m 96-76 animals).

Our baby Amazongold Erimey first appeared on his first, but still in such a Grand exhibition on system TICA and FIFE.

On system TICA 4 finals 8 (3,3,7,7) in FIFE - best Junior Bengal and Nom of Best.

Congratulations to Tatiana Smirnova, owner of the White with a well-deserved victory on such a huge show!

Amazongold Elai was first shown at WCF-show and immediately captivated the experts Daniel Counasse (Belgium) and Bochkarev his Svetlana (Russia). Elai started his show career very enchanting: 2 - CACJ, Nom Bis, Monobreed Show of Bengal — Best Junior, Best Of Breed, 10th Place In Wcf Ring of Young Animals.

I Sincerely Congratulate The Owner — Javoronkova Natalia — Well Done!!!

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