06 May 2024
We have a new Bengal kittens!
24 August 2023
Our new Bengal babies look like White, Milk & Dark chocolates)
01 April 2023
We have a new babies - snow Bengali kittens. There are both males and females. Come in soon to admir...
23 September 2022
We are in a hurry to please you, we have new, very interesting bengal kittens growing up from our st...

The regional winner among adult animals in Northern Europe 2013-2014 (TICA)

Regional winner 9th best kitten in Northern Europe 2013-2014 (TICA)

4 Best Bengal kitten in the World (TICA)

Best Junior among the Bengals in 2013 (WCF)

Cats show Catsburg 2014.

More Than 1000 Cats. Antonio became the best cat of the show and gets the key from the city of Katzburg. Best cat in FIFE.

Amazongold Antonio

conquers the experts and won many cat shows

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