Los Angeles (U.S.A.) - the flight is great!

We will share with you our impressions about the flight to the USA of our graduate in the current conditions of a modest choice of airlines for travel!

So, our baby, who was named Vegas by his parents, made a fairly long flight from Moscow to Los Angeles by Turkish airlines and arrived in good health and in a great mood! I will say right away - there is no need to be afraid of long journeys, animals experience them more steadfastly than we imagine and we also "wind up" ourselves.

Cats sleep most of the way! They quickly realize that there is no point in worrying and get comfortable in their box and deep sleep!

I'll digress a little from the story: many years ago, when I first flew to America with cats, we gave the cat to the luggage for the first time, worried about her very much, all the way on the plane we thought how she was there without us - in general, we screwed ourselves up to the edge!

As a result, when we ran out to pick up the cat from the luggage belt, we saw a picture: a big box standing alone with a cat sleeping in it to the top of the belly! at a time when other kittens were flying with us in the cabin in a small carry box at our feet and could not afford such comfort.

So since then I have calmed down on the issue of kittens flying in the luggage of the plane and most importantly I try to provide them with a comfortable size box, soft rug and toys!

So, we continue the story about the flight of the "Turkish Airlines" to Los Angeles!

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One of the most difficult moments is to pick up tickets and book seats for a kitten, since you can't do it by phone, only at the office of Turkish airlines (in Moscow it is: Dobryninskaya metro station, or Vnukovo Airport) - where you will have to stand in line. I can advise you, if there is an opportunity to contact friends in other cities where there are offices of turkesh (St. Petersburg, Sochi, etc.) to go and confirm your tail there - in other cities there are no such problems with queues. You can also contact a ticket sales agency to hang a ticket on the reservation for a day, and during this time confirm the transportation of an animal at the office of Turkish Airlines!

Immediately know that Turkish airlines when traveling to different countries and cities - the prices for transporting animals differ depending on the zone (you can see the prices on their website).

Also, when transporting an animal in the cabin, the cost for carrying is twice cheaper than in luggage, but the weight of carrying an animal should not exceed 8 kg.

If there are no seats in the cabin, calmly send your four-legged friend in the luggage - everything will be fine!

How is the flight going?
Segment 1: Moscow - Istanbul (approximately 4.5 hours). Next, the box with the animal is taken to a special room where the kitten will be fed (do not forget to tie food, water and diapers for the traveler to the handle of the box for this);

Segment 2: Istanbul is the final destination of the trip, in our case it was Los Angeles (14 hours flight).

Then you meet with your pet at the delivery of oversized luggage or it is brought to the luggage belt.

I have watched many times how airport employees very carefully and carefully take out or take out boxes with animals, while talking to them at the same time.

And that's it, the happy traveler is reunited with the person accompanying him!

Happy end!

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