3-4 of March 2016

Catsburg-2016, Moscow, Russia

CATSBURG 2016 - really fabulous, a great event for animal lovers and professionals from breeding! On one site, professional all breed rings and examination systems: CFA, FIFe, WCF, TICA, ACS with great experts!

This year our cattery is TICA was represented by a young cat Amazongold Zabava, which became 5 times best of breed and 4 times 2nd best of breed, got to 2 finals and saryu the title champion TICA.

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The ASC system, our catterywas represented by IW SGC Amazongold Cameron – who became the best adult cat on the ASC system – Best of Best and was nominated to represent the given exhibition system on the shared stage of the exhibition among the best of adult animals from each exhibition systems.

And, IW SGC Amazongold Cameron and won Catsburg -2016, became the best adult cat of almost 1000 cats, exhibited at WCF, TICA, CFA, FIFE and ASC!

This victory is not accidental, because IW SGC Amazongold Cameron is the son of a citizen of Catsburg-2014 RW SGC Amazongold Antonio. And he successfully continued the family line of Winners!

A huge thank you to the organizers and sponsors of Catsburg for the wonderful show, my friends who supported us and to the jury who voted for us! We are happy!

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Video from Catsburg-2016

3-4 of March 2016

Cats show TICA Serbia, Belgrade

In these busy weekend days, we with our graduate Amazongold Grammy took part at the TICA show in Belgrade. Grammy was in a very serious competition from gorgeous cat from Poland and several cats from Serbia. But the girl did not disappoint our nursery and decently showed. From Grammy 5 finals, and she closed the title TRIPLE GRAND CHAMPION.

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