January 5-6, 2019

Died down new year's fireworks and congratulations and we can say because of the new year's table went straight to the first cat show on the American system TICA. The first exhibition of 2019 was held on 05-06 January, in the Gallery "World of cats" 15 rings with great experts of the international class Anna Rudakova, Elena Ignatova, Vlada Benyanya, and Kurt Vlach Tomoko Vlach. At the show was the Christmas cheer. And we came to try our "strength" and show our very young 4 - month-old debut Amazongold Largo Winch. The kid first came out "in people", but felt perfectly comfortable and with curiosity examined the surrounding environment! I'm sure he had fun - because every stranger (expert) played with him, and it's so cool!

And the result of our exhibition was a great result - Bengal kitten Amazongold Largo Winch - the best kitten of the exhibition (TOP-1 kittens)!

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