I want to brag of victories of our beauty AMAZONGOLD-Russian BEAUTY-4 times our five-month-old girl became top-1 kittens, the best kitten of the Cat Show.

Thanks to the experts-Tomoko Vlach, Andreas Kretschmer-Krycek, Vlade Benine, Jane Allen, Phillips, Phillips Holmes, Jean-Marc Lagarde, Stephen Corneille, Aline Noel Garel - for the high rating!

Thanks to all the organizers of the exhibitions for the excellent organization and hospitality - Anna Legese, Olga Murashko, Angela Shikova and your friendly club team.

Jetcat Cat Show (Saint-Petersburg), The Lord Of The Cats (Togliatti), Maskamania Magyars (Hungary), Crystal Cat (Moscow. All exhibitions are filled with emotions from meetings with beautiful people and friends, exciting moments of judging and the final. We will show our animals for many years, but every time - like the first time!

Thanks to all friends for support!

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