News of 2015

30 October-01 November 2015 Nederland

Safari-show 2015

At the Safari cats show 2015 – this is a great show Bengal cats. This show gathers the strongest of the breed, and every self-respecting nursery should at least once visit this exhibition. Our nursery is the second time presented their animals at such an event. Going about 100 Bengals. In 2015 the exhibition was held in Holland!

From our cattery we brought IW SGC AMAZONGOLD Cameron (age 1 year 8 mo.) AMAZONGOLD and Gad (age 5 months). Also the owners are from Holland of our kitties from Cameron and Delilah showed off her beautiful Julianna Amazongold from Galensis.


07-08 of March, 2015 Moscow

Exhibition Catsburg - 2015 - TICA system

Our cat SGC Amazongold Cameron did not disappoint our expectations and perfectly made: 6 finals from 8 - 1,1,2,3,3,4 places - tor-4 (m 96-76 animals).

Our baby Amazongold Erimey first appeared on his first, but still in such a Grand exhibition on system TICA and FIFE.

On system TICA 4 finals 8 (3,3,7,7) in FIFE - best Junior Bengal and Nom of Best.

Congratulations to Tatiana Smirnova, owner of the White with a well-deserved victory on such a huge show!


07-08 March 2015 Ekaterinburg

Amazongold Elai was first shown at WCF-show and immediately captivated the experts Daniel Counasse (Belgium) and Bochkarev his Svetlana (Russia). Elai started his show career very enchanting: 2 - CACJ, Nom Bis, Monobreed Show of Bengal — Best Junior, Best Of Breed, 10th Place In Wcf Ring of Young Animals.

I Sincerely Congratulate The Owner — Javoronkova Natalia — Well Done!!!