RW Amazongold Largo Winch

бенгальские кошки фото

DoB: September 04, 2018

PRA-b - nn, PK-def - nn

Largo continues the hereditary line from our famous cat Cameron. And when you look at it once, you don't wonder why we left it in our kennel. Mother nature and the parents generously awarded Largo extremely rare figure, like a wild congener, the cloud leopard. We can safely say that this is a rare instance of a Bengal cat. The patterns on his body suggest various associations: I am reminded of the view of the fields spread out below from the airplane window flying over them , someone sees a drawing of a giraffe, a turtle and even a boa, and someone sees perfectly laid bricks on the old pavement. That we would not see in his picture, it is unique and gorgeous. A huge plus is that in addition to the colorful color that attracts our attention, Largo has a great head with a straight profile and a heavy chin.

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