russian beauty

DOB: June 12, 2017

This cat won me over as soon as she was born. First, pushing all her brothers and sisters, she stuck to her mother's nipple. To be around the first – that was her motto since birth! This "red-haired" beauty we call home "Spring or "Freckle". Love this cat! And she gives me her sincere cat love! She feels comfortable anywhere. The main thing is that your "mom", that is. And of course, I could not resist the temptation to show it at exhibitions around the world. And our Spring did not disappoint my expectations. AMAZONGOLD RUSSIAN BEAUTY-my baby, from the look at which my heart freezes. In her embodiment of grace and incredible nodevice power and elegance combined with excellent type. AMAZONGOLD-RUSSIAN BEAUTY - 4 exhibitions in a row (4 times), my girl became the top-1 kittens (BEST KITTEN of the EXHIBITION).

Russian Beauty was shown at exhibitions in Europe and America, where she was able to meet one ring with the best kittens in the World and was able to evaluate the best experts of the TIKA system. In the season 2017-18gg on this system showed more than 320 Bengal kittens.

And AMAZONGOLD-RUSSIAN BEAUTY was the BEST BENGAL kitten IN the WORLD, and twice received the title of Regional Winner in the adult class and the class of kittens!

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