22 December 2022
Первый предновогодний подарок улетел в Сочи! Полёт прошёл прекрасно! Малыш отлично провел время во в...
22 December 2022
Яркие, красивые, высокопородные малыши помогут нарядить елку на Новый Год и украсить ее своим присут...
23 September 2022
We are in a hurry to please you, we have new, very interesting bengal kittens growing up from our st...
01 July 2022
Today we received amazing news! Our cat Amazongold Eclair has received the title of REGIONAL WINNER!...

I am pleased to welcome You on my cattery Bengal cats.

My name is Kokorina and Hope I am a breeder of BENGAL CATS and cattery owner AMAZONGOLD.


This site is dedicated to one of the most beautiful breeds of cats with amazing color and character.

My nursery was established in 2008. And although I'm still quite young Breeder of Bengal cats, cats of the cattery are leaders in many exhibitions in Russia and Europe.

I can see the Bengals from Europe and America, as well as cats of my breeding. My pupil and beloved cat MAINSTREET HAPPY of Amazongold had a distinguished show career and within 7 months reached one of the highest titles of RW Supreme Grand Champion (he became one of the twenty best cat Europe). Only in my kennel lives a cat of our breeding is first and only in Russia has won the highest title of Supreme Grand Champion RW – Bagira Big Marshal of Amazongold.

Also I'm happy to introduce You to my cat KOPPIEKATZ CAESAR of Amazongold - this cat appeared triumphantly at many exhibitions in Russia and Europe, winning in Germany, France, Finland, Belarus, Belgium and is the only Bengal cat in Russia has won the title twice RW — Regional Winner Northern Europe. In a class of kittens he ranked 17th in the top twenty kittens of Northern Europe all breeds of 2010-2011 and in the adult class 13 place in the top twenty cats in Northern Europe all breeds of 2011-2012. And already in the beginning of his show career has closed the higher title of Supreme Grand champion in TICA and Grand international champion on system WCF.

We are located in the city of Dmitrov, Moscow is separated by only 55 km, which can be overcome in about an hour by car or by train, which runs from Savyolovsky station. The bus (number 41) here departs from metro station "Altufevo". All our kittens are grown with love and attention in constant contact with people and children, they are socialized, raised, trained to use a tray and scratching posts. We with great attention to the selection of the future owners of kittens, when buying a Contract stipulating the conditions of life in the new house.

On our site You can watch videos and articles about our cats, about their involvement at exhibitions, and on television.

Any questions? Write to us!